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I walk alongside my clients, leading them through a process to create clarity of vision and purpose. Together, we illuminate the path to achieve their vision for themselves, their team, their organization, or their community. 

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For Individuals

These five-session engagements quickly create clarity, illuminate a path to being fully present in your personal and professional landscapes, and guide you toward a deeper connection to your purpose. 

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For Executives

Company-sponsored engagements of six to twelve months support your development as a leader. Together, we’ll establish practices and build competency to take your leadership presence to the next level.

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For leadership teams

Strengthen relationships and build trust among team members with three to twelve-month engagements. We’ll co-create clarity of vision to accelerate performance and establish practices to sustain organizational health.


“Working with Amy was incredible! I didn’t realize how life-changing of an experience this process could be.”

—Development Director · Environmental Non-Profit

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If there is one thing Amy Hillyard, Principal at Hillyard Consulting, wants you to know, it’s that being a successful leader doesn’t have to come at the expense of a rich and meaningful life. 

Over the course of Amy’s nearly two-decade career, she has guided leaders from companies as diverse as Apple, Gap, and United Way toward clarity in their work and personal lives, illuminating a path to success, balance, and fulfillment.

During Amy’s early career in the burgeoning tech industry, she witnessed how personal growth and overcoming resistance to change could fuel progress and innovation. Those experiences launched her interest in the field of organizational development as a lens for understanding human behavior. Today, Amy uses the frameworks of organizational development and integral coaching, complemented by creative tools, such as in-the-moment graphics, story, and metaphor to spark insight, diversify thought, and inspire the momentum necessary for individual and organizational transformation. 

In her own life, Amy embraces the same principles of leadership and organizational health that she uses to guide her clients. In addition to running her consulting practice, Amy and her husband, Chris, co-own and operate Farley’s, a pair of community-building coffee houses in the Bay Area. She also commits a significant portion of her leadership time to pro-bono community-focused projects. Notably, Amy acts as an organizer and touchpoint for small businesses in Oakland at Oakland Indie Alliance. She can often be found in her Oakland backyard, making pizza in her wood-fired oven for warm and boisterous groups of family and friends. 

Amy, a certified Integral Coach, holds a master’s degree in organizational psychology from John F. Kennedy University and a Bachelor of Arts in international relations from the University of California, Davis. She is a trained graphic facilitator and holds numerous certifications in strategy, feedback, and change management models. She hopes her path can help you illuminate yours. 


“Our work together gave me clarity about who I am, what I stand for, and how I should move forward.”

—Chief People Officer · Technology Company




“After her work with me and my team, we were rated the healthiest team within the company, and I had the highest leadership scores in the Employee Engagement Survey.”

—EVP, Operations · Venture Capital Firm

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“You have to address the personal. When you figure out what you want out of your life, you can create the structures to support you in getting there. In my case, I cut my hours from 60 to 45 hrs/week and still surpassed fundraising goals the last 3 years . . . Work is an important thing, but not the most important thing.”

- Development Director ·Environmental Non-Profit

Amy helped me believe in myself, own my leadership, and at times, smacked me around to “grow up”.  After her work with me and my team, we were rated the healthiest team within the company, and I had the highest leadership scores in the Employee Engagement Survey.

 - EVP, Operations · Venture Capital Firm 

Amy has an incredible gift in unpacking your thoughts to surface your deep values and beliefs. She has a powerful technique that visualizes what’s going on in your mind in the context of your team, company, and environment. As you are talking, she is drawing and this picture gives you clarity on where you are and who you want to become.

- Chief People Officer · Technology Company

Amy offers tremendous empathy and presence. She listened deeply to understand me and the entire picture of my life. Then she synthesized what she heard and gave me development assignments, new lenses to see my way of being, and ideas for how to approach the challenges I was running into as a leader.

- Co-Founder/CEO · Gaming Company


“You have to address the personal. When you figure out where you want to go in life, you can create the structures to support you in getting there.”

—Development Director, Environmental Non ProfiT


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